About This Project

Made4Trade has been providing services in the field of hospital management since 2014, but it didn’t have an health agenda app. Back then, as the design coordinator in this company, I realized that there was some difficulty in the distribution of daily tasks (within the hospital service internal team), and the day-by-day agenda management among the same team. 

The agenda process was made on paper calendars and A4 sheets, constituting some waste of time and resources.

I decided to research a little more about some of these problems, and did the first interviews with employees, about the operation and agenda of the hospital service.

Some conclusions where found common, and the final solution for improving this service management would be to use a digital (paperless) application, with greater autonomy for each of the employees in setting-up daily tasks for these services.

A new online task management system was drafted, and shortly after the first prototype: a hybrid web app, with desktop back-office and native mobile application on mobile phones.

I did most of the service design UX drafts, diagrams and prototypes for user testing and refinement of the common solutions found by the team. The final user interface design and programming was made by mobile and product development experts Runtime Revolution.

The health agenda app is still used today, on a daily basis by Made4Trade, and has become a vital online tool among employees for the company’s hospital service.