About This Project

I worked in the Arkadium Crosswords app for a couple of months, leading UX research studies and iterating design solutions with the team. In this time, we released a new onboarding flow for new players, refactored the UX for profile area and prepared the app for virtual items monetisation via our keys feature. Working along side with the game designer and developers, we also made some UX/UI fixes on gameplay, like using native OS elements in some options.

We started by benchmarking some of our competitors (such as The New York Times) best practices in the crosswords app market, and we continued to make some user interviews to collect feedback from real players, before and after major releases.

For the new onboarding flow we started to see some more defined user behaviour patterns after the release, and increasing retention and good feedback from app reviews. The keys feature was an important step towards testing monetisation in Arkadium apps (it was the first in-app store designed in our games), as an MVP before further releases in Arkadium.com website with gems as the current monetisation feature.


Interaction Design, Game UX design, UX Research